#21759: Add persistence for torperf/onionperf
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Changes (by iwakeh):

 * status:  needs_revision => needs_information


 The following is still open and needs info:

 > Common approach for storing:
 > It turns out that the functionality in OnionperfDownloader was too
 > Here's an overview:
 > - bridge-desc (all types): after sanitation the descriptor is written;
 if one descriptor cannot be sanitized, it is skipped
 > - relay-desc (all types): descriptors written one by one skipping
 problematic ones
 > - exitlists: always stored as a single file.
 > Solution: if a single TorperfResult is not parseable, it should simply
 be skipped as in the sync-implementation.

 The second part:
 > Another topic, which relates to comment:7:
 > Currently, all synced descriptors receive their annotation from the
 Annotation enum (cf. package o.t.c.conf.Annotation).  This happens,
 because only the raw bytes are taken from a given descriptor and written
 to the file system.
 > But, actually the annotation(s) should be taken from the
 'getAnnotations' method and be prepended to the raw descriptor bytes,
 shouldn't they?
 > ...

 is now a new ticket #23215.

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