#24715: Job for tor.service failed when /var/run is tmpfs
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 Hi vilhelmgray! Thanks for the bug report and the patch.

 I'm wondering if this is in fact a Gentoo bug, since in the standard
 configuration, the `--PIDFile` option isn't given to tor through systemd.
 (My understanding is that this is because systemd has its own system for
 keeping track of PIDs, i.e. and so using `$MAINPID` is the most systemd-
 ish way to do this.)  Since Gentoo appears to have enabled `PIDFile`, they
 should probably also make sure that the place they are attempting to write
 to is actually available.  Perhaps the Gentoo packagers would be willing
 to either take your patch or otherwise remove `--PIDFile`?

 Feel free to reopen if I've misunderstood something… I'm not the most
 systemd-inclined person and my only experience is through setting up VMs
 for various services in Qubes.

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