#25193: dos: Avoid blacklisting Exit relays
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 It is possible to do "tor-in-tor" meaning a tor client connection can exit
 the network and come back at a Guard node.

 And if this happens to be detected by the DoS subsystem, we'll blacklist
 the Exit relay for a while. That is *NOT* good.

 Now that we have #25183, we can lookup the inbound address to learn if we
 know it. And if we do, don't consider it a potential malicious client that
 we need to look at.

 That is one part of the solution, the second part is #2667 so we actually
 prevent reentry from Exit but that part won't be backported just yet (if

 This work will be part of #24902 so once merge_ready, it will be merged
 into my branch `ticket24902_029_05`.

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