#25202: Check the calculations in cc_stats_refill_bucket using non fatal 
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 In #25128, we removed an incorrect non-fatal assertion in
 cc_stats_refill_bucket() to silence a warning:
   /* This function is not allowed to make the bucket count smaller */
   tor_assert_nonfatal(new_circuit_bucket_count >= stats->circuit_bucket);

 But we could have fixed the check instead, and added another check:
   /* This function is not allowed to make the bucket count larger than the
 burst value */
   tor_assert_nonfatal(new_circuit_bucket_count <= dos_cc_circuit_burst);
   /* This function is not allowed to make the bucket count smaller, unless
 it is decreasing it to a newly configured, lower burst value. We allow the
 bucket to stay the same size, in case the circuit rate is zero. */
   tor_assert_nonfatal(new_circuit_bucket_count >= stats->circuit_bucket ||
 new_circuit_bucket_count == dos_cc_circuit_burst);

 We could be even more clever, and skip parts of the function if the rate
 is zero. That's probably unnecessary. I'll think about it.

 I should get a chance to turn this into a proper branch over the next week
 or so. If someone else wants to do it before then, go for it!

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