#25228: Chutney configuration to create more non-exits relays than exits relays
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 As commented in [1], the chutney networks/basic-025 configuration [0]
 creates 16 exits and only 4 non-exits relays (that are actually
 Maybe it should be provided another chutney configuration file, since in
 the production Tor the there are more non-exit relays than exits, or
 modify the existing one.
 The new configuration file could be something like 14 relays and 2 exits?
 (assuming 1 exit per 7 relays).

 Looking other chutney configuration files, it seems like probably
 networks/middle-025 would be more suitable for bwscanner.

 Still that file doesn't totally match Tor production proportions and in
 bwscanner clients are not needed.

 Find attached a possible configuration file for bwscanner.


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