#25233: weschniakowii shows old certificate for ooni.tpo in ~1/6 cases
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 Our prometheus instance alerted that ooni.tpo certificate expires in less
 than 25 days. Seems, one of httpd workers at weschniakowii
 (2001:6b0:5a:5000::5, is stuck with old certificate.

 [https://atlas.ripe.net/measurements/11287106/#!probes Majority of probes]
 see new certificate with `Not Before 2018-02-02T00:37:31Z`, but ~1/6 of
 probes see old one with `Not Before 2017-12-04T00:40:56Z` that expires in
 couple of weeks.

 The issue is observable both with IPv4 and IPv6.

 Please, restart the worker before cert expires :-) Also, it may be
 interesting to understand the reason for worker to spend week and a half
 in "graceful restart" mode. Maybe that's some bug or something like
 slowloris attack going on.

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