#20395: Add capability to handle large descriptor files
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Comment (by iwakeh):

 Replying to [comment:19 karsten]:
 > Hmm. I see the benefits of such an API change. And we already have
 #22678 that describes something very close, if not the same.


 > But should we separate the API change from this fix? In a way, I
 consider it a bug that we're parsing an entire descriptor file before
 passing all descriptors to the application. It's something we should have
 changed when taking out `DescriptorFile`.
 > How about I rewrite my patch to not make any changes to the API (in
 particular `DescriptorParser`), and then we discuss the API change,
 including how to do it in a backward-compatible fashion, as part of

 I think all effort is better spent renewing the API.  You might name the
 issue at hand a 'bug', but it really is not.  The issues we're dealing
 with are historically grown design decisions that should be modernized
 now, not patched and stitched to last longer.  There is no way around the
 API change, so the sooner the better.

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