#25254: Replace the getPosition function in metrics-web's bootstrap JS from
bootstrap 3.3.5
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Comment (by irl):

 Replying to [comment:3 karsten]:
 >  - Is there a way to redefine this function in our own JavaScript and
 have it override the one in Bootstrap? Sorry, if this is too naive.

 Not easily, as this is a function that is called by the tooltip library,
 so we would have to modify the tooltip library or do this for every view
 where we might use tooltips.

 >  - Should we downgrade to 3.3.5? What possible downsides does that have?

 Looking at the changelogs there are quite a few bug fixes but I've not
 checked whether or not they would affect us.

 >  - Should we upgrade to 4.x? What can possibly go wrong?

 There's likely to be a lot of API issues. I've already updated Relay
 Search from Bootstrap 2.0.0 to 3.3.7, it's going to be the same amount of
 work again to go to 4.x so I'd really rather not do that unless we have
 someone do a new 4.x design.

 > And if neither of these makes sense and we decide we need to make this
 change to the minimized JavaScript file, is there anything that we link
 where others have done the same thing before?


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