#25301: Sometimes right after NI typing a website and clicking on enter on 
about:tor won't load it no matter how much time is given
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 So this one is really difficult to give steps to reproduce but I'll try to
 be as detailed as possible.

 I noticed it more than once and that's why I decided to make this bug

 Sometimes right after clicking on New Identity (after using the Tor
 Browser for quiet some time), and then typing a website and clicking on
 enter in the URL bar while being on the same landing `about:tor` tab, the
 website won't load no matter how much time is given and the blue loading
 indicator doesn't stop.

 Yet, clicking on the Torbutton shows that the circuit has been already
 chosen. And if I select the website URL in the URL bar and I drag it to
 make a new tab it immediately loads up without any issues (and also with
 the same circuit that was shown previously).

 (OS: Linux 64, Gnome, TB: latest alpha)

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