#23136: moat integration (fetch bridges for the user)
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 Replying to [comment:74 mcs]:
 > I should have mentioned that we have not yet addressed items 1) and 2)
 from comment:49. The root cause of both problems is the same: we cannot do
 Moat things while tor has a meek client running. As I mentioned in
 comment:55, there is no simple solution for that issue.

 I don't think 1) and 2) have necessarily the same root causes. I agree
 with you that if I am using, say, meek-azure right now and then do request
 bridges bad things will happen. Could you open a new ticket for that
 scenario? (in case there is none already that covers it).

 However, 1) as I tested it is different. As I said me using meek has been
 minutes, hours, days etc. ago and I am now surfing without any bridges.
 Still, as soon as I want to request bridges from TPO things go wrong. Not
 sure where exactly the bug is but meek should not be running anymore as
 soon as I am not using it anymore. I wonder if we could tackle that one
 while we are at it. Open a new ticket, too? 2) is more like my case 1)
 because strictly speaking we are done using meek requesting the bridges
 (and should *not* be using it in parallel anymore).

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