#23136: moat integration (fetch bridges for the user)
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Comment (by mcs):

 Replying to [comment:76 gk]:
 > I don't think 1) and 2) have necessarily the same root causes. I agree
 with you that if I am using, say, meek-azure right now and then do request
 bridges bad things will happen. Could you open a new ticket for that
 scenario? (in case there is none already that covers it).

 I opened #25405. What I meant by "the same root cause" in this case is
 that the Moat meek client usage and other meek client usage interfere with
 each other. In other words, if we fix the interference both problems will
 disappear. But I have more to say below.

 > However, 1) as I tested it is different. As I said me using meek has
 been minutes, hours, days etc. ago and I am now surfing without any
 bridges. Still, as soon as I want to request bridges from TPO things go
 wrong. Not sure where exactly the bug is but meek should not be running
 anymore as soon as I am not using it anymore. I wonder if we could tackle
 that one while we are at it. Open a new ticket, too? 2) is more like my
 case 1) because strictly speaking we are done using meek requesting the
 bridges (and should *not* be using it in parallel anymore).

 Thank you for the clarification. What you said makes sense. The behavior
 Kathy and I see is that after tor uses a meek PT the meek-client-
 torbrowser process (and the associated meek-client and firefox processes)
 stay running until tor is either shutdown or it receives a SIGHUP. I don't
 know why the PT process is kept running or if there is a timeout after
 which point it will be killed, and so far I didn't find the tor code that
 handles PT process lifetime. I do see the same behavior with obfs4proxy
 (that process stays running after it has been removed from the tor

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