#25241: effective_family sometimes contains the relay's own fingerprint
 Reporter:  irl              |          Owner:  karsten
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Comment (by irl):

 Currently Relay Search removes the relay. This means it has to iterate
 over 2000 (worst case) lists to remove fingerprints for the search view as
 effective family count is shown in the results table. When I added the
 code to filter the fingerprints, I added a comment to say this was
 temporary and should be removed after this ticket was resolved.


 The important thing to achieve in this ticket is consistency. My comment
 was not very clear, it's a different change that should be made in Relay
 Search depending on which way we choose to go making it consistent.

 If we always add the relay to its family:

 * Stop filtering the relay's own fingerprint
 * Stop adding 1 to the effective family count

 If we always remove the relay from its family:

 * Stop filtering the relay's own fingerprint
 * Continue to add 1 to the effective family count

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