#25450: Intermittent test failures for hs_service/service_intro_point
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 weasel and teor both noted this. I've also experienced this test failing
 about 1 out of 30 or so times on my development laptop.

 10:32               weasel+ | 10:28:33 hs_service/service_intro_point:
 10:32               weasel+ | 10:28:33   FAIL
 ../src/test/test_hs_service.c:420: assert(ip->time_to_expire OP_GE now +
 INTRO_POINT_LIFETIME_MIN_SECONDS + 5): 1520483305 vs 1520483309
 10:32               weasel+ | 10:28:33   [service_intro_point FAILED]
 10:32               weasel+ | https://jenkins.torproject.org/job/tor-
 10:32               weasel+ | maybe I'm imagining or misattributing
 things, but hasn't this test ALWAYS been buggy?
 10:33                teor4  | I remember it being an issue before.
 Probably one for asn or dgoulet

 It's because there is a hardcoded `time_t` that uses the real system time
 and then later the test expects an HS intro point to have been established
 within 5 seconds of real clock time.

 I'm going to do the stupid fix of increasing it to 500 seconds. Possibly
 in the future there should be a more elaborate solution involving mocking
 the `time()` function by passing in a function pointer to its
 implementation into the functions being tested?

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