#14429: Automated rounding of content window dimensions
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Comment (by cypherpunks):

 >So, the high scores don't mean anytihng in the Tor Browser context.

 That doesn't change the fact that you still have a quite large number of
 possible window sizes, which leads to increased variance *between Tor
 Browser users*.

 >That is not going to fly as almost no user knows their screen resolution.
 And users might not even know the difference between 1366x768 and
 1920x1080. So, what I would expect is users coming back to us with things
 like "You broke Tor Browser on my computer as I can't see the URL bar
 domain anymore". That does not scale.

 I believe this is a misunderstanding of my original proposal - the point
 wasn't to ask users for their screen resolutions, it was to ask them how
 large they want their Tor Browser window to be. I'll concede though, that
 they might not know what the best size is, and might pick a size that is
 too large.

 I've written a patch for torbutton which implements resizing only to
 specific resolutions, picked from a list of common resolutions kindly
 provided by
 https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/25451#comment:1 which I
 believe has the advantage of:
 * Making Tor Browser usable at larger resolutions without compromising
 much in the way of privacy and
 * Reducing variance between Tor Browser users by reducing the number of
 possible resolutions they can have
 * While still being easy to use - there's no prompts or anything and
 nobody needs to know how big their screen is, they can just resize the
 window normally, and it will resize it to a common resolution

 I have uploaded the patch here, it was made against the latest git
 revision of torbutton, 10606f2c5f13ad85f66fba4ba6edf99252a2ffb8:

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