#25465: Transparent proxy hangs after kernel update to  4.15.6-200.fc26.x86_64
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 Long running stable router box (FC26), tor transparent proxy has been
 working great for years.  Tor now crashes and hangs when application
 attempts to connect through transparent proxy (TransProxy 9040) etc:

 # ps -auxf | grep toranon
 toranon   2479  0.1  0.2  80920 34640 ?        Ds   19:45   0:00
 /usr/bin/tor --runasdaemon 0 --defaults-torrc /usr/share/tor/defaults-
 torrc -f /etc/tor/torrc

 Attempted to downgrade tor back to with dnf...  No joy.

 Attempted to downgrade openssl to 1.1.0f-4... No joy

 When I attempt to connect, say with curl, the last 2 lines in debug.log

 Mar 11 20:06:20.000 [debug] connection_add_impl(): new conn type Socks,
 socket 16, address, n_conns 7.
 Mar 11 20:06:20.000 [debug] connection_ap_process_transparent(): entered.

 curl hangs, tor hangs (STATUS Ds), have to reboot to clear it.

 Suggestions welcome.

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