#24707: Define R coding guidelines for Metrics' products
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Comment (by iwakeh):

 Ok, so it seems there is convergence around the tidyverse style guide.  As
 the style guide linked in comment:5 is hard to copy or download (at least
 I couldn't find the repo or link) and lintr is configurable and its
 documentation points to a different resource by the same author (Hadley
 Wickham) I'd suggest to use
 [https://github.com/hadley/r-pkgs/blob/master/style.rmd Wickham's guide],
 which is under cc license, in the same way we used Google's for Java,
 i.e., copy it to a wiki page, state additional points or style's were we
 diverge, and also provide a lintr collection of linters that enforce our
 style choices.

 Next steps:
 * add R style guide to wiki
 * define additions and divergions (ongoing process)
 * provide an Ant task for apllying lintr in the way we apply checkstyle

 What is missing?

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