#25226: Circuit cell queue can fill up memory
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Comment (by arma):

 Replying to [comment:1 dgoulet]:
 > This is *not* trivial so I'll try to explain what I can see:
 > In `append_cell_to_circuit_queue()`, there is a check on the cell queue
 for a maximum size which then makes the circuit to stop reading on the
 connection if reached:

 Careful here! You're right, but by "connection" you mean edge connection,
 or stream. Not TLS ("OR") connection.

 > Lets use the example where we are a Guard and we have an `or_circuit_t`
 with the "p_chan" being the client connection and the "n_chan" being the
 connection to the middle node.
 > If we set the block on `n_chan`, we would only stop the read() if the
 circuit is origin because `p_streams` is only set on a tor client.

 Correct. That whole set_streams_blocked_on_circ() business is for
 *streams*, i.e. edge connections. Specifically, origin streams when we're
 a client, or exit streams when we're an exit.

 > Does this means that if we try to deliver a cell forward (n_chan), even
 though we've reached the high limit, we'll still queue it because there is
 never a time where we check if we are blocked on "n_chan" at the relay


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