#25752: Detangle our included headers and reduce reliance on or.h
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 Over the years, our code has grown to have a lot of `#include`s which are
 no longer necessary, and others which are over the scope of what actually
 needs to be included. A prime example of this is that nearly everything in
 `/src/or` includes `or.h` which is a huge, insanely long header file with
 nearly every type we've ever made. It'd be nice if we could decouple
 things a bit more.

 I made brief foray into playing with automated tools for doing this last
 week. First I tried https://github.com/myint/cppclean, but it wasn't able
 to process any of our code without displaying a python traceback, so I
 moved on to https://include-what-you-use.org/.  iwyu worked a bit better,
 but it really wanted to change system headers and remove the defined
 safeguards (e.g. `#ifdef HAVE_SYS_SOCKET_H #include <sys/socket.h>
 #endif`), which feels super scary and I'm pretty sure will result in a lot
 of weird breakage, particularly on systems of lower tier support status
 and systems developers tend to not use (e.g. win32). There's a bunch of
 pragmas (https://github.com/include-what-you-use/include-what-you-
 use/blob/master/docs/IWYUPragmas.md) we could probably use to tell it to
 leave alone the system headers (e.g. `find src -iname "*.[ch]" -exec sed
 -i -e 's/#include <*>/#include <*> \/\/ IYWU pragma: keep/' {} \;` or

 It also wanted to do things like removing an `#include or.h` and then
 including from that only the system headers that were used, so maybe it's
 also a good idea to split up `or.h`? Like we could put the system headers
 and compatibility stuff at the top into a `prelude.h` or something that
 every module includes, and then more specific stuff in other header files.
 It might be nice to map out or graph which sections of code tend to need
 to use the same headers, in order to facilitate the organisation of
 splitting up `or.h`.

 I have a `feature/iwyu-test`
 [https://github.com/isislovecruft/tor/tree/feature/iwyu-test branch] where
 I committed the changes that iwyu made, plus some manual fixups that I
 made as I was perusing the changes (sorry, I should have kept those
 separate probably). I had to basically discard all changes to the ref10
 ed25519 implementation, because it didn't understand why there were
 `#include`s mid-C-function. Also it wanted to `#include
 <bits/socket_type.h>` in several places, which had to be replaced with
 `#include <sys/socket.h>` instead, no idea why it wanted the private
 header in the first place (also if it did, why it didn't also `#define
 _SYS_SOCKET_H`). The output of `configure --disable-asciidoc && make -k
 2>/tmp/iwyu.out` is attached. Also I compiled iwyu against LLVM/clang 3.5.

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