#25755: Choose name for new mailing list tor-lang-es
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 Replying to [comment:2 ilv]:
 > I'd like to give some time to discuss the possible name with whomever is

 Sounds great. In that case I'm moving this ticket out of the "please make
 this mailing list" component, so poor qbi doesn't go mad trying to figure
 out which tickets are asking for a list and which tickets aren't yet
 asking for a list. :)

 > tor-lang-es
 > tor-spanish (this way we'd avoid possible conflicts for future lists
 such as tor-pt)

 Out of these two, I would pick the first one. Calling it "spanish" is just
 asking for people to get offended that you didn't want to use their own
 language's word for the language. :)

 Speaking of language-specific names: what is the intended scope of the
 list? Is it for users? Developers? Journalists? Every possible thing in
 one list so long as the people want to write in español? I ask because if
 it's a general talk list, another option could be tor-talk-es. That name
 might have some baggage because of how many Internet cranks we have
 attracted to tor-talk (which in a sense served its purpose, to keep them
 away from the other more productive lists). But if you have people trying
 to propose bugfixes in español, and users trying to ask usage questions in
 español, and people discussing Facebook's privacy policies in español, all
 on this one list, did you succeed or fail?

 > tor-espanol (this could be easier to understand for locals)

 My only concern here would be what happens when we want to create a tor-
 فارسی list, and whether email tools et al could handle such a thing.

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