#21537: Consider ignoring secure cookies for .onion addresses
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Comment (by arthuredelstein):

 Replying to [comment:13 gk]:
 > Replying to [comment:12 pospeselr]:
 > > Change looks good, only thing I'd suggest is moving the block at 3340
 a couple lines up before the Telemetry::Accumulate call ( since the enum
 seems to be a question of cookie security, rather than http(s) ).
 > >
 > > I also verified the hostURI that's passed in is already normalized, so
 we don't have to worry about case insensitive string compare.
 > Thanks. I added the suggested change in `bug_21537_v3`
 browser.git/log/?h=bug_21537_v3). Let me know if that still looks good.

 The code looks good to me, but I would suggest factoring out the repeated
 security checks by creating a static function like:
 `bool IsSecureHost(nsIURI *aHostURI)`
 that returns true for both https and .onion URIs.

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