#25768: doctor should check for clock skew on dir auths
 Reporter:  arma             |          Owner:  atagar
     Type:  enhancement      |         Status:  closed
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 Severity:  Normal           |     Resolution:  implemented
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Changes (by atagar):

 * status:  new => closed
 * resolution:   => implemented


 Good idea, Roger. Pushed a little Stem change to surface response


 ... and added a notification when clocks are off by at least ten


 Presently this is generating notices for dizum...

 maatuska: 0.406214 seconds
 tor26: 0.03344 seconds
 Bifroest: 0.369906 seconds
 longclaw: 0.779489 seconds
 dizum: 68.061756 seconds
 bastet: 0.290902 seconds
 gabelmoo: 0.348548 seconds
 moria1: 0.801659 seconds
 dannenberg: 0.002416 seconds
 Faravahar: 0.411186 seconds

 > Also note that I filed nearly the same ticket for consensus-health in
 #25767 -- I wonder if there is some better way to handle overlapping
 functionality in the future.

 Consensus-health provides a dashboard whereas DocTor is a notification
 framework. In this case I think DocTor is a better fit since there's
 really not much to visualize. But if having a website that displays clock
 deltas of all the authorities would be helpful then Tom can copy what I
 did in DocTor. It's not much code.

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