#25799: Utilize all Onionoo instances
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 This issue regards Onionoo as data provider, RelaySearch as consumer, and
 maybe also operation of instances.  Hence, adding it to the main Metrics

 RelaySearch only request data from the main Onionoo.tp.o instance.
 Sometimes the onionoo.tp.o instance serves stale data while oo-
 hetzner-03.tp.o keeps providing up-to-date data.

 There are at least two options to utilize the second instance (oo-
 hetzner-03) better and keep providing useful data on RS:

 * operational level:  requests to onionoo.tp.o should be directed to both
 instances and in case of stale data on one only to the up-to-date
 instance; this would be transparent for RS and all onionoo-data consuming
 clients would benefit.
 * RS could be configured with a list of onionoo data providers and choose
 alternate instances when the main one serves stale data (or is
 unavailable).  This would require some programming effort.

 Please add other options to make best use of all onionoo instances.

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