#24797: Add an option that makes Tor use fewer connections
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Comment (by neel):

 Replying to [comment:18 arma]:
 > I'm still thinking we shouldn't add this feature. We periodically have
 people who want this sort of thing, and if they set it and it gets
 triggered, they are being a bad relay. Why are we offering them a way to
 be a bad relay?

 What do you mean by being a 'bad relay'? I am talking about a maximum
 number of sockets should a relay operator desire it (I am sorry if my
 patch does not make it too clear, it's my ADHD).

 I am thinking that for people who run Tor relays on servers with other
 applications (web, email, etc.), or run multiple Tor instances, this could
 help with resource limitation without requiring virtualization (VMWare,
 Xen, etc.) or containerization (Docker, FreeBSD Jails, etc.). But I could
 understand your concern with this option if you could give an explanation.

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