#20522: Enable DISABLE_DISABLING_ED25519
 Reporter:  teor                                 |          Owner:  nickm
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                                                 |  0.3.4.x-final
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 Severity:  Normal                               |     Resolution:
 Keywords:  tor-ed25519-proto,                   |  Actual Points:
  034-triage-20180328, 034-included-20180405     |
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Comment (by teor):

 Replying to [comment:16 ffmancera]:
 > > We also need to communicate this change to relay operators. Perhaps we
 should open tickets to update the tor relay guide, and send out an email
 to tor-relays.
 > I will create the ticket but can someone send out the email?
 > Thanks :-)

 Someone can send out the email when we deploy the code to directory
 moria1 will probably deploy it when it goes to master.
 The other authorities will probably deploy it when it goes stable in a few
 months' time.

 The email should tell operators that:
 1. 0.2.5 won't be supported after 1 May 2018
 2. Please upgrade to 0.2.9 or later
 3. 0.2.9 and later support ed25519 relay keys
 4. Directory authorities require relays with ed25519 keys to keep the same
 ed25519/RSA key pair (or change both at the same time)
 5. If your relay publishes an ed25519 key, then downgrades to a tor
 version without ed25519 support, directory authorities on 0.3.4 or later
 will drop your relay from the consensus. This is a security feature.

 We should warn once when moria1 deploys, and then again when we release

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