#25741: Create tor-browser for mobile branch based on mozilla-central
 Reporter:  gk                        |          Owner:  sysrqb
     Type:  defect                    |         Status:  assigned
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Component:  Applications/Tor Browser  |        Version:
 Severity:  Normal                    |     Resolution:
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Changes (by sysrqb):

 * owner:  tbb-team => sysrqb
 * status:  new => assigned


 Repo: https://git.torproject.org/user/sysrqb/tor-browser.git
 Branch: bug25741_orfox_patches

 Current status: The branch is actively being rebased, so don't expect
 stability. The branch does not include any tor-browser patches. Most Orfox
 patches are updated/rewritten. This branch does not include Orfox patches
 that rely on Orbot. From tor-browser-52.7.3esr-8.0-1-build2, the Orfox
 patches currently excluded from the above rebase-branch are:

 c981d290167b8547789849194ed12dd763f1f892 - Orfox: Fix #1 - Improve build
 d17c8a5eddfc5b1241c65ff8cba9684f8ddc9237 - Orfox: NetCipher enabled,
 checks if orbot is installed
 0642e45b991b25a0419dcb0e583320f10b17f0ed - Orfox: Centralized proxy
 applied to CrashReporter, SuggestClient, Distribution,
 AbstractCommunicator and BaseResources.
 ee7554ab2fc836445fabe93ec0d9b256e5665ede - Orfox: add BroadcastReceiver to
 receive Tor status from Orbot
 2a4853c5e267f7cfa75b771c65bf81232e66d14e - Orfox: queue URL Intents and
 Tab:Load events when Orbot is not yet started
 9bc0b6bf3fc49d07c07dbd3755db5d2ac6da60d6 - Orfox: receive Tor status in
 thread so they arrive when event sync blocks
 b5e9a36b9c333790fdea41e84c30d19b43aa58ac - Orfox: remove Tab:Load event
 queuing and only use Intent queuing
 85b696c5a0e3c9e5d22c06fa179b512abcf22816 - Orfox: disable screenshots and
 prevent page from being in "recent apps"
 acde62dc92325842ea70de678878f68117618448 - Orfox: hook up default panic
 trigger to "quit and clear"
 f69137ac1edb29e3b193b2feeb6f581b7ba4170a - Orfox: Disabling search widget.
 6e59d7eeb5ae4bf23dec2685d12bdd4f2b6e4df5 - Orfox: Adding GCM sender ID.
 28bbaf1fdc792d2ff67b28769cff6bcdd2249a9d - Orfox: Update orfox branding
 and icon
 f69137ac1edb29e3b193b2feeb6f581b7ba4170a - Orfox: Disabling search widget.
 6e59d7eeb5ae4bf23dec2685d12bdd4f2b6e4df5 - Orfox: Adding GCM sender ID.
 d5e91af5b5c6dc3812e9d85caed908e5ef07cc86 - Orfox: Strings fix, probably a
 a3270e7c8c07a62ee093f3b248fe9bab1e2e0619 - fix crash with registerReceiver
 for Orbot status
 b88a0e4355a73561a542043c18eb1b2b7a617171 - addresses #9 to handle NPE on
 Distribution load
 9bd1a8972351ca0ff3ff12c3661fd8dc10914ade - fixes #10 disables attempts to
 access AccountManager
 61fc96d200948f725a77dacba9f8d0cac1142ef8 - handle #11 crash related to tor
 status receiver unregistering

 We still must audit the code and confirm its proxy-safe. Some of the other
 patches are specifically for Orbot capability, and right now it seems
 unnecessary to introduce those patches and resolve rebasing conflict, if
 torlauncher is a dependency for the first alpha.

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