#26121: BUILDTIMEOUT_SET totals are still off
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 While testing and examining onion service timeout rates and trying to
 verify them from a controller script, I realized that our timeout rates
 are still off in the BUILDTIMEOUT_SET event.

 The reason for the discrepancy is that we're double-counting circuits that
 transition into MEASUREMENT_EXPIRED. Every circuit that transitions into
 MEASUREMENT_EXPIRED is first counted as a timeout in
 circuit_build_times_mark_circ_as_measurement_only(). Of those that do not
 complete within the measurement window, we again count as a "closed"
 circuit in circuit_build_times_count_close(). If a measurement circuit
 succeeds, we do *not* count it as a success (see

 This means that the total_circuits value in
 cbt_control_event_buildtimeout_set() should be timeouts+succeeded, and not
 timeouts+succeeded+closed. (Again, counting closed in the total there
 double-counts "closed" MEASUREMENT circuits, which were also counted as
 timeout circuits earlier).

 Since this is just a control port stats change, it would be nice to get it
 into 0.3.4 (and maybe 0.3.3) so it is easier to get more accurate data
 about how the circuit build timeout is interacting with vanguards there.

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