#31407: Create a broker spec for metrics collection
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 So this is specific to Snowflake if I read correctly. Or more specifically
 Snowflake -> CollecTor.

 `torspec.git` repository usually has specification related to "How Tor
 works" that ultimately creates the network.

 Most spec files are about how little-t tor components interacts with each
 other within the tor network. There is also all the exposed ABI/API from
 tor like the ControlPort spec.

 So I'm wondering if this Snowflake -> Metrics spec should be in there. I
 would say that it might be better to put it directly into the Snowflake
 repository since this describes a data format exposed by Snowflake itself
 for Metrics to digest.

 It feels more "natural" for someone looking for Snowflake's specs to go to
 the Snowflake repository no?

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