#31637: Make sure we have test coverage for Option, +Option and /Option across
defaults, torrc, command line
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                                         |  0.4.2.x-final
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Comment (by nickm):

 Replying to [comment:10 teor]:
 > I like this idea.
 > I also think it could replace some of the repetitive parts of
 > I have some questions about the design:
 > 1. Should we name the tests, rather than numbering them?

 I think we should.

 > 2. Will we ever have enough tests that we want to split tests into
 categories, and put each category of tests in its own directory?

 Possibly. I think that should be an easy change to make later, if we
 decide to do so.  We'd just replace a "*" with a "*/*", and do a "git mv"

 > 3. Are there any tests that we can't do using this framework?
 >   a) We can't test the basic "missing torrc, missing defaults torrc, no
 command line args" case, because the script supplies an empty file,
 instead of a missing defaults torrc

 That's right.  I think this kind of test would do better in

 >   b) We can't do tests that expect error on some platforms, but success
 on others (is "Sandbox 1" an example of this kind of test?)

 There are some options like this; I don't think that `Sandbox 1` is one of
 them.  (For me, it passes --verify-config on OSX.)

 We could extend the script later on if needed to accomodate this -- for
 example, by having it check for "expected.linux" and "error.osx".  But I
 think I'd like to see how far we get with the first version of the script.

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