#22919: Form tracking and OS fingerprinting (only Windows, but without 
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Comment (by gk):

 Replying to [comment:15 tom]:
 > This LGTM. I began to wonder if we could use AppendInt(uint64) to get
 the same bitness for  2 calls to RandomNum instead of 3; but I think this
 would change the ultimate output of the boundary, and we would idally keep
 it looking the same so it's not apparent if one is using the old-style RNG
 or the new-style.
 > If you agree this is keeping the same format/appearance of the boundary
 (aka, you can double check my belief) - let's land it in Tor and/or submit
 it for uplift to get it upstreamed/further review.

 I think the plan was to get it upstreamed first to get a further review on
 it and then backport what actually landed on mozilla-central. tjr, if you
 could help with the former that would be much appreciated. acat is out for
 the remainder of the year.

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