#32932: Allow browser Find (Ctrl+F) on support.torproject.org
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 Original description:
 > I used to be able to Find (Ctrl+F) for keywords on the long FAQ pages,
 but the new support.* page prevents searching the answers text unless
 javascript is disabled (Safest).
 > Your site's useful content is mainly informational text and rightly so.
 Accept it. If you had wanted to redesign for mobile and localization, I
 wish you would have taken lessons from Wikipedia. Parts of it could be
 expressed in descriptive images, but on the whole, it's text, and
 hypertext should be extensively linked and searchable.

 My addendum:

 Tor Browser 9.0.2, Linux64
 Safer security level

 1. Open https://support.torproject.org/ The answers are hidden one by one
 behind every question.
 2. Find (Ctrl+F) for "gpg". Result: "Phrase not found"
 3. Read every question (over 140 of them so far) until you stumble upon
 "How can I verify Tor Browser's signature?" Click on it to reveal its
 4. Find (Ctrl+F) for "gpg". Result: "1 of 14 matches"

 The page's text cannot be quickly searched unless every answer is visible.
 One possible solution is something like the layout of the old FAQs (
 https://2019.www.torproject.org/docs/faq.html.en ) that listed questions
 at the top that linked to anchors lower on the page. Another solution is a
 search box built into the page -- a search that doesn't require JavaScript
 or third parties and that reindexes the text of the answers as often as
 they change.

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