#33336: Deploy a Turbo Tunnel–aware Snowflake bridge
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Comment (by dcf):

 Replying to [ticket:33336 dcf]:
 > We could make use of this opportunity to compare the two options. We set
 up a triple-mode bridge: supporting legacy, KCP, and QUIC clients. We make
 two Tor Browser builds, one with KCP and one with QUIC, and invite testing
 of both. Based on the results of user testing, we decide which we like
 better, and finally deploy only that option (and the backward-compatible
 mode). The only thing is, giving people two options to test is more
 confusing than giving them one.

 This is a commit for the triple-mode bridge as described. It works by
 creating two `QueuePacketConn`s, one for KCP and one for QUIC, and using
 separate [https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/anti-censorship-
 team/2020-February/000061.html magic prefix tokens] to distinguish the two

 I have made branches
 kcp&id=874a11f6779429246263522fc751f1cc0d9c3af0 turbotunnel-kcp] and
 quic&id=d5be0906ffe4ef8de8a9345690713bc362d3bcee turbotunnel-quic] for
 clients specialized to use one protocol or the other, and I've started Tor
 Browser builds with them.

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