#33973: Create fat .aar for geckoview
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Comment (by boklm):

 Replying to [comment:3 gk]:
 > boklm had the idea to just use a for loop in the `geckoview` project to
 build all the per arch .aar files and then merge them in a final step and
 use that one as output. I think that's the closest to what I had in mind
 and I'll start playing with that.

 I think the loop can be done in two ways. Either with the `for` from
 for arch in [% c('var/android_archs').join(' ') %]
   cp $rootdir/mozconfig-android-$arch .mozconfig

 or the `FOREACH` from template language:
 [% FOREACH arch = c('var/android_archs') %]
   cp $rootdir/mozconfig-android-[% arch %] .mozconfig
 [% END %]

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