#33973: Create fat .aar for geckoview
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Comment (by gk):

 Replying to [comment:6 gk]:
 > Seems I am running into issues:
 > {{{
 > 07:23 <+GeKo> boklm: another question: we have arch specific
 dependencies in the
 >               input_files (the genneral ones, not for the steps part) to
 build the
 >               per arch .aar, e.g. the rust compiler or the mozconfig
 files. how make
 >               i those available?
 > 07:23 <+GeKo> right now i only get a weird non-descriptive error
 > 07:26 <+GeKo> Error: Missing filename:
 > 07:26 <+GeKo> { name => "[% c(\"var/compiler\") %]", project => "[%
 >               c(\"var/compiler\") %]",
 > 07:27 <+GeKo> }
 > 07:42 <+GeKo> boklm: oh, i actually see a different error if i remove
 the compiler
 >               project: https://paste.debian.net/1142722/
 > 07:42 <+GeKo> which is not really more descriptive, though :)
 > 07:43 <+GeKo> fwiw, that's with my bug_33973
 > 07:45 <+GeKo> oh, and i get it again if i have the compiler project
 removed _and_
 >               the mozconfig part, weird
 > 07:50 <+GeKo> and once rust/cbindgen deps are removed additionally i am
 past that
 >               breakage
 > }}}

 Okay, some process update. That got solved by specifying `torbrowser-
 android-all` in `rbm.conf`. But then I ran into:
 Finished build of project geckoview - geckoview-0dfb56be3c95-android-
 Using file /home/gk/tor-browser-build/out/geckoview/geckoview-0dfb56be3c95
 Using file /home/gk/tor-browser-build/out/geckoview/geckoview-0dfb56be3c95
 Using file /home/gk/tor-browser-build/out/geckoview/geckoview-0dfb56be3c95
 Using file /home/gk/tor-browser-build/out/geckoview/geckoview-0dfb56be3c95
 rmdir: failed to remove '/srv/home/gk/tor-browser-build/tmp/rbm-CImP7X
 No such file or directory
 Error: Error starting remote:

 ls: cannot access '/srv/home/gk/tor-browser-build/tmp/rbm-ABnir/container-
 image_*': No such file or directory
 Can't find container image in input files
 total 535100
 -rw-r--r-- 1 gk gk  52608651 Apr 24 14:19 geckoview-0dfb56be3c95-android-
 -rw-r--r-- 1 gk gk 495327146 Apr 21 15:37 geckoview-0dfb56be3c95.tar.gz
 So, for one using four times `armv7` is weird and wrong. It turned out
 boklm found the bug in my config in that `target_prepend` is supposed to
 be an array. After fixing that and rebuilding everything with commit
 `9e4ec0dd1a256de2b75923daa5be0e40996dac48` on `bug_33973` I am still
 running into the second problem shown in the debug output above. That can
 easily be solved by adding `container-image` to the `input_files`, too.

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