#34167: PublishServerDescriptor via IPv6
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 I'm not sure if we need this feature right now - at the moment, relays
 have to have an IPv4 ORPort. But we might want it eventually for IPv6-only
 relays. And it won't hurt to add it early.

 I'm also not sure if we need an extra option or flag. We could just try
 both IPv4 and IPv6?

 To avoid confusing IPv4-only relay operators, we should:
 * only log a failure warning if both fail, or
 * skip IPv6 if the relay doesn't have an IPv6 ORPort.

 (We're going to add automatic IPv6 ORPort discovery in #33049. So once
 that ticket is done, we should update the IPv6 check to use the new IPv6
 discovery feature.)

 Here's the relevant code, if anyone would like to start on this feature:


 You'll want to set DIRIND_ONEHOP for relay descriptors via IPv4 and IPv6
 ORPorts, and DIRIND_ANONYMOUS for bridge descriptors via IPv6 ORPorts.
 (The existing purpose_needs_anonymity() check does the DIRIND_ANONYMOUS
 for you.)

 You'll also want to use directory_request_set_or_addr_port() and
 directory_request_set_directory_id_digest(). Avoid setting the dirport or

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