#30642: Add an ed25519-identity file to the data directory
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 Ok so this looks great. Works great.

 The only thing I worry is the filename actually. `ed25519-identity` super
 sounds like a "secret key" to me as in the private portion...

 Here are my proposals, not sure what is the best but I also don't want to
 bikeshed this so no strong opinion but this file should really just denote
 the concept of "public" and `ed25519` terminology is _very_ technical and
 probably wont say much to relay operators in general.

 What if we append the ed25519 base64 pubkey to the `fingerprint` file. I
 worry that there will be confusion on "what line should I send you?" when
 someone is asking for a fingerprint. But, also any line should be fine to
 find the relay, maybe that doesn't matter. And I forsee rare occasion
 someone will ask "Oh give me the RSA fingerprint"...

 Creating a second file here, I worry much about confusion and something
 that seems not related to a "relay fingerprint". Because in the end, that
 is just `ed25519_master_id_public_key` file in base64.

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