#34256: jerks using our mailman to spam people
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Comment (by anarcat):

 Replying to [ticket:34256 arma]:
 > Maybe we can hack mailman to discard attempts that include a two-word

 That could be difficult, but I've patched Mailman before. it might be
 doable. Not sure if it would work, and might catch a lot of false-

 > Is there some way to moderate the subscription attempts?

 There is. I'm not sure if it happens before or after the email
 confirmation however. But there's definitely a way to make list moderators
 approve new members.

 > Do we even want that?

 That would possibly be a huge pain in the back for moderators.

 > Maybe we should disable email subscription interactions with mailman

 That might be more reasonable... but then again, if those attempts come by
 email, from a botnet, why aren't we blocking *those* emails instead? seems
 to me they should be on some block list already?

 maybe we could check if they are on spamhaus or some list eventually...

 i wonder if upgrading to mailman 3 could fix this problem... we'll have to
 do it eventually anyways because of the death of python 2 (#33949).

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