#34215: Harmonize TTFB/TTLB definitions with Tor Metrics plots
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Changes (by karsten):

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 The first question here is how we want to define TTFB/TTLB:
  - Right now, OnionPerf considers the time between the `tgen` client
 sending the HTTP request to the `tgen` server and receiving the first/last
 byte of the HTTP response back as TTFB/TTLB. This excludes all the magic
 happening inside the `tor` client to provide a circuit and attach a stream
 to it. In some cases this is pretty fast, for example, when it can reuse a
 pre-built circuit to connect via an exit to its own `tgen` server. In
 other cases this can take a while, for example, when it needs to do the
 entire ~~hidden~~onion service connection establishment dance.
  - The [https://metrics.torproject.org/torperf.html Time to download files
 over Tor graph] on the Tor Metrics website measures TTLB as the time
 between the `tgen` client starting a measurement and receiving the last
 byte of the HTTP response from the `tgen` server. This includes all the
 magic as written above.

 I'd argue that we do care about measuring what's going on in `tor`, so we
 should switch OnionPerf to the definitions used on the Tor Metrics website
 Commit a836f87 in my task-34215 branch] contains the trivial patch.
 Comments welcome! I'll also bring this up for discussion at our next
 weekly meeting.

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