#29957: clicking on "click to play" media leaks URLs via NoScript on-disk
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Comment (by ma1):

 Just to be clear, 11.0.27 in PBM tabs/windows does the following:

 1. Disables any contextual widget (in tab-originated the popups) leading
 to give permanent permissions (and therefore URLs to persisted on the
 disk): therefore you can only set Temp. TRUSTED or Temp. CUSTOM (neither
 TRUSTED, UNTRUSTED or permanent CUSTOM) unless that was the setting when
 the UI popup has been opened
 2. When unblocking a media element, the permission is always marked as
 temporary and never persisted to the disk.

 Of course you can still turn the temporary permissions to permanent from
 the "Per-site preferences" options panel, if you really want to.

 I'm not sure whether 1 is too strict for people who intentionally checked
 "override Tor Browser security policies", since this would erase any
 permission customization on browser restarts (as all Tor Browser windows
 are incognito, right?), but it seemed a transparent middle-way to help
 them not to shoot themselves in the foot. What do you think?

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