#33974: Update OnionPerf to TGen 1.0.0
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Comment (by robgjansen):

 If you want to make use of TGen internal log parser to parse the log files
 that `tgen` 1.0 produces, that should be doable. The parser is written in
 python and is very similar to the one written for OnionPerf.

 The parsing code is inside the `tgentools` python package, which can be
 installed [https://github.com/shadow/tgen/blob/master/doc/Tools-Setup.md
 as explained here]. Then, once you have a `tgen` 1.0 log file that you
 want to parse, you just need to import one of the analysis modules: the
 `tgentools` file shows how this is done].

 Hopefully you can make use of the output straight away. If for some reason
 you need some change to the output format, let me know!

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