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+    <h1>User Research Coordinator</h1>
+    <h2>March 7, 2018</h2>
+    <p>The Tor Project is looking for a well-organized User Research 
Coordinator! Are you passionate about making software usable and fun for all 
types of people? Do you want to help conduct user research for software that 
helps people protect their privacy and freedom online? If so, this may be the 
job for you.</p>
+    <p>The Tor Project supports multiple software projects related to online 
censorship and surveillance. Our goal is to expand the reach of our software 
products, specifically into non-US and non-European countries, where oppressive 
censorship and surveillance can be a matter of life or death. In order for us 
to reach people in these countries and make our software usable for them, we 
need to conduct user research with people who live there. </p>
+    <p>Our ability to do research depends on the help from fellow Internet 
Freedom members and volunteers all around the world. Your job would be to work 
with our volunteers to coordinate user tests of our products in their 
countries. Specifically, you would work with the UX team to create the tests 
guides, coordinate the user research tests with our volunteers around the 
world, and then collect and present a summary of the results to the respective 
teams involved in the project. </p>
+    <p>A note about the UX team research ethics: we strive to conduct user 
research in a safe and privacy-preserving way: we only collect data from our 
own studies, with explicit user consent, and we prefer to do studies in 
+    <p>The ideal candidate for this job will have the following experience:</p>
+    <ul>
+      <li>Organizing and managing multiple projects with stakeholders located 
in different parts of the world</li>
+      <li>Performing usability studies, A/B testing, defining personas, 
identifying corner cases</li>
+      <li>Working with a multidisciplinary team with people from different 
cultures and backgrounds</li>
+      <li>Designing and executing user research surveys</li>
+      <li>Awareness of privacy-by-design practices and respect for our users' 
privacy and anonymity</li>
+      <li>Ethnographic research a huge plus!</li>
+      <li>Using and teaching Free Software (FOSS), particularly privacy tools 
like Tor, Signal, GNU/Linux, etc.</li>
+      <li>Willingness and ability to travel internationally at least twice a 
+    </ul>
+    <p>This position will work closely with the Tor Project's UX and Community 
teams to define the best methods to test our hypotheses with our users. This 
position will report to the Project Manager.</p>
+    <p>The Tor Project, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) organization headquartered in 
Seattle that provides the technical infrastructure for privacy protection over 
the Internet, helping millions of activists, journalists and others around the 
world communicate securely. With paid staff and contractors of around 35 
engineers and operational support people, plus many volunteers all over the 
world who contribute to our work, the Tor Project is funded in part by 
government grants and contracts, as well as by individual, foundation, and 
corporate donations. Our mission is “To advance human rights and freedoms by 
creating and deploying free and open anonymity and privacy technologies, 
supporting their unrestricted availability and use, and furthering their 
scientific and popular understanding.”</p>
+    <p>Salary is commensurate with experience and other qualifications. The 
Tor Project has a competitive benefits package, including a generous PTO 
policy; 14 paid holidays per year (including the week between Christmas and New 
Year's, when the office is closed); health, vision, dental, disability, and 
life insurance paid in full for employee; flexible work schedule; and 
occasional travel opportunities. The Tor Project, Inc., is an equal 
opportunity, affirmative action employer.</p>
+    <p>This is a full-time position working either out of our office in 
Seattle or remotely. To apply, send a cover letter explaining why you believe 
you should be our User Research Coordinator, along with your resume, to with “User Research Coordinator” in the subject line.  
No phone calls please!</p>
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                <p>Specifically, we're looking for the following people 
                  <li><a href="<page about/jobs-execdirector>">Executive 
+                 <li><a href="<page about/jobs-userresearchcoordinator>">User 
Research Coordinator</a></li>

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