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 ### Copyright (c) 2016, The Tor Project, Inc.
 ### See LICENSE for licensing information.
-# torlauncher.error_title=Tor Launcher
+torlauncher.error_title=Tor paleidyklė
 # torlauncher.tor_exited_during_startup=Tor exited during startup. This might 
be due to an error in your torrc file, a bug in Tor or another program on your 
system, or faulty hardware. Until you fix the underlying problem and restart 
Tor, Tor Browser will not start.
 # torlauncher.tor_exited=Tor unexpectedly exited. This might be due to a bug 
in Tor itself, another program on your system, or faulty hardware. Until you 
restart Tor, the Tor Browser will not able to reach any websites. If the 
problem persists, please send a copy of your Tor Log to the support team.
 torlauncher.tor_exited2=Paleidus Tor iš naujo, jūsų naršyklės kortelės 
nebus užvertos.
-# torlauncher.tor_controlconn_failed=Could not connect to Tor control port.
-# torlauncher.tor_failed_to_start=Tor failed to start.
+torlauncher.tor_controlconn_failed=Nepavyko prisijungti prie Tor valdymo 
+torlauncher.tor_failed_to_start=Tor nepavyko pasileisti.
 torlauncher.tor_control_failed=Nepavyko perimti Tor valdymo.
-# torlauncher.tor_bootstrap_failed=Tor failed to establish a Tor network 
+torlauncher.tor_bootstrap_failed=Tor nepavyko užmegzti ryšio su Tor tinklu.
 torlauncher.tor_bootstrap_failed_details=%1$S patyrė nesėkmę (%2$S).
 torlauncher.unable_to_start_tor=Nepavyksta paleisti Tor.\n\n%S
 torlauncher.tor_missing=Trūksta Tor vykdomojo failo.
-# torlauncher.torrc_missing=The torrc file is missing and could not be created.
+torlauncher.torrc_missing=Trūksta torrc failo ir jo nepavyko sukurti.
 torlauncher.datadir_missing=Nėra Tor duomenų katalogo ir nepavyko jo sukurti.
-# torlauncher.password_hash_missing=Failed to get hashed password.
+torlauncher.password_hash_missing=Nepavyko gauti maišyto slaptažodžio.
-# torlauncher.failed_to_get_settings=Unable to retrieve Tor settings.\n\n%S
-# torlauncher.failed_to_save_settings=Unable to save Tor settings.\n\n%S
-# torlauncher.ensure_tor_is_running=Please ensure that Tor is running.
+torlauncher.failed_to_get_settings=Nepavyko gauti Tor nustatymų.\n\n%S
+torlauncher.failed_to_save_settings=Nepavyko įrašyti Tor nustatymų.\n\n%S
+torlauncher.ensure_tor_is_running=Įsitikinkite, kad Tor veikia.
 # torlauncher.error_proxy_addr_missing=You must specify both an IP address or 
hostname and a port number to configure Tor to use a proxy to access the 
-# torlauncher.error_proxy_type_missing=You must select the proxy type.
+torlauncher.error_proxy_type_missing=Privalote pasirinkti įgaliotojo serverio 
 # torlauncher.error_bridges_missing=You must specify one or more bridges.
-# torlauncher.error_default_bridges_type_missing=You must select a transport 
type for the provided bridges.
+torlauncher.error_default_bridges_type_missing=Privalote nurodytiems tinklų 
tiltams pasirinkti perdavimo tipą.
 # torlauncher.error_bridgedb_bridges_missing=Please request a bridge.
 # torlauncher.error_bridge_bad_default_type=No provided bridges that have the 
transport type %S are available. Please adjust your settings.
@@ -35,11 +35,11 @@ torlauncher.bridge_suffix.meek-azure=(veikia Kinijoje)
 # torlauncher.request_a_bridge=Request a Bridge…
 # torlauncher.request_a_new_bridge=Request a New Bridge…
 torlauncher.contacting_bridgedb=Susisiekiama su BridgeDB. Palaukite.
-# torlauncher.captcha_prompt=Solve the CAPTCHA to request a bridge.
+torlauncher.captcha_prompt=Norėdami užklausti tinklų tiltą, išspręskite 
saugos kodą.
 torlauncher.bad_captcha_solution=Sprendimas neteisingas. Bandykite dar kartą.
-# torlauncher.unable_to_get_bridge=Unable to obtain a bridge from 
+torlauncher.unable_to_get_bridge=Nepavyko gauti tinklų tilto iš 
 torlauncher.no_meek=Ši naršyklė nėra sukonfigūruota naudoti meek, kurio 
reikia, norint gauti tinklų tiltus.
-# torlauncher.no_bridges_available=No bridges are available at this time. 
+torlauncher.no_bridges_available=Šiuo metu nėra prieinamų tinklų tiltų. 
 torlauncher.restart_tor=Paleisti Tor iš naujo

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