commit d681e4963d09ea286700f1826d8dbd8d15e27b94
Author: Translation commit bot <>
Date:   Sat Sep 17 06:47:51 2016 +0000

    Update translations for tor-messenger-commandsproperties
 ar/ | 12 ++++++------
 1 file changed, 6 insertions(+), 6 deletions(-)

diff --git a/ar/ b/ar/
index d23dd87..3b01c83 100644
--- a/ar/
+++ b/ar/
@@ -7,10 +7,10 @@
 commands=الامر S% يستخدم في المساعدة للحصول على 
معلومات اكثر .
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (noCommand, noHelp):
 #  %S is the command name the user typed.
-noCommand=No '%S' command.
-noHelp=No help message for the '%S' command, sorry!
+noCommand=لايوجد امر S% .
+noHelp=عذرا ،لايوجد رسالة مساعدة للامر S% .
-sayHelpString=say &lt;message&gt;: send a message without processing commands.
+sayHelpString= قول &It;message&gt;: ارسال رسالة بدون عم
ليات الاوامر 
 rawHelpString=raw &lt;message&gt;: send a message without escaping HTML 
 helpHelpString=help &lt;name&gt;: show the help message for the &lt;name&gt; 
command, or the list of possible commands when used without parameter.
@@ -20,8 +20,8 @@ helpHelpString=help &lt;name&gt;: show the help message for 
the &lt;name&gt; com
 #  %2$S is replaced with the localized version of that status type
 #   (one of the 5 strings below).
 statusCommand=%1$S &lt;status message&gt;: set the status to %2$S with an 
optional status message.
+away=غير موجود
 busy=غير متواجد
 dnd=غير متواجد
+offline=غير متصل 

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