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+Changes in version - 2016-09-2?
+  Tor adds improved support for entities that
+  want to make high-performance services available through the Tor .onion
+  mechanism without themselves receiving anonymity as they host those
+  services.  It also tries harder to ensure that all steps on a circuit are
+  using the strongest crypto possible, strengthens some TLS properties, and
+  resolves several bugs -- including a pair of crash bugs from the 0.2.8
+  series. Anybody running an earlier version of 0.2.9.x should upgrade.
+  XXXXX Add items from the changelog.
+  o Major features (circuit building, security):
+    - Authorities, relays and clients specifically check that each
+      descriptor has an ntor key.
+    - Circuit-building code assumes that all hops can use ntor,
+      except for rare hidden service protocol cases.
+    - Client code never chooses nodes without ntor keys: they will not
+      be selected during circuit-building, or as guards, or as directory
+      mirrors, or as introduction or rendezvous points.
+    - Clients avoid downloading a descriptor if the relay version is
+      too old to support ntor.
+    - Tor authorities, relays, and clients only use ntor, except for
+      rare cases in the hidden service protocol.
+  o Major features (onion services):
+    - Add experimental HiddenServiceSingleHopMode and
+      HiddenServiceNonAnonymousMode options. When both are set to 1, every
+      hidden service on a tor instance becomes a non-anonymous Single Onion
+      Service. Single Onions make one-hop (direct) connections to their
+      introduction and renzedvous points. One-hop circuits make Single Onion
+      servers easily locatable, but clients remain location-anonymous.
+      This is compatible with the existing hidden service implementation, and
+      works on the current tor network without any changes to older relays or
+      clients.
+      Implements proposal 260, completes ticket 17178. Patch by teor and asn.
+  o Major features (resource management):
+    - Tor now includes support for noticing when we are about to run out of
+      sockets, and preemptively closing connections of lower priority.
+      (This feature is off by default for now, since the current prioritizing
+      method is not mature enough yet. You can enable it by setting
+      "DisableOOSCheck 0".) Closes ticket 18640.
+  o Major bugfixes (circuit building):
+    - Hidden service client-to-intro-point and service-to-rendezvous-point
+      cicruitss use the TAP key supplied by the protocol, to avoid
+      epistemic attacks.
+      Fixes bug 19163; bugfix on
+  o Major bugfixes (compilation, OpenBSD):
+    - Fix a Libevent-detection bug in our autoconf script that would
+      prevent Tor from linking successfully on OpenBSD. Patch from
+      rubiate. Fixes bug 19902; bugfix on
+  o Major bugfixes (hidden services):
+    - Clients require hidden services to include the TAP keys
+      for their intro points in the hidden service descriptor.
+      This prevents an inadvertent upgrade to ntor, which a
+      malicious hidden service could use to discover which
+      consensus a client has.
+      Fixes bug 20012; bugfix on Patch by teor.
+  o Minor feature (port flags):
+    - Add *Port flags NoDNSRequest and NoOnionTraffic, and
+      the synthetic flag OnionTrafficOnly, which is equivalent to
+      NoDNSRequest, NoIPv4Traffic, and NoIPv6Traffic.
+      Closes enhancement 18693; patch by "teor".
+  o Minor features (testing, ipv6):
+    - Add the single-onion and single-onion-ipv6 chutney targets to
+      make test-network-all. This requires a recent chutney version
+      with the single onion network flavours (git c72a652 or later).
+      Closes ticket 20072; patch by teor.
+    - Add the hs-ipv6 chutney target to make test-network-all's IPv6
+      tests. Remove bridges+hs, as it's somewhat redundant.
+      This requires a recent chutney version that supports IPv6 clients,
+      relays, and authorities.
+      Closes ticket 20069; patch by teor.
+  o Minor features (directory authority):
+    - After voting, if the authorities decide that a relay is not "Valid",
+      they no longer include it in the consensus at all. Closes ticket
+      20002; implements part of proposal 272.
+  o Minor features (security, TLS):
+    - Servers no longer support clients that do not provide AES
+      ciphersuites. (3DES is no longer considered an acceptable
+      cipher.) We believe that no such clients currently exist,
+      since we have required OpenSSL 0.9.7 or later since 2009.
+      Closes ticket 19998.
+  o Minor features (testing):
+    - Disable memory protections on OpenBSD when testing memwipe().
+      The test deliberately invokes undefined behaviour which the
+      protections interfere with. Patch from "rubiate". Closes ticket
+      20066.
+  o Minor features (Tor2web):
+    - Make Tor2web clients respect ReachableAddresses.
+      This feature was inadvertently enabled in, then removed
+      by bugfix 19973 on
+      Implements feature 20034. Patch by teor.
+  o Minor features (unit tests):
+    - Our link-handshake unit tests now check, that when invalid
+      handshakes fail, they fail with the error messages we
+      expected.
+    - Our unit testing code that captures log messages no longer prevents
+      them from being written out if the user asked for them (by passing
+      --debug or --info or or --notice --warn to the "test" binary). This
+      change will prevent us from missing unexpected log messages simply
+      because we were looking for others. Related to ticket 19999.
+    - The unit tests now log all warning messages with the "BUG" flag.
+      Previously, they only logged errors by default. This change will
+      help us make our testing code more correct, and make sure that
+      we only hit this code when we mean to. This is preparatory work
+      for ticket 19999.
+    - The unit tests now treat any failure of a "tor_assert_nonfatal()"
+      assertion as a test failure.
+    - We've done significant work to make the unit tests run faster.
+  o Minor bug fixes (circuits):
+    - Use CircuitBuildTimeout whenever LearnCircuitBuildTimeout is disabled.
+      Fixes bug 19678; bugfix on commit 5b0b51ca3 in Patch by 
+  o Minor bugfixes (options):
+    - Check the consistency of UseEntryGuards and EntryNodes more reliably.
+      Fixes bug 20074; bugfix on commit 686aaa5c in tor- Patch 
by teor.
+    - Stop changing the configured value of UseEntryGuards on authorities
+      and Tor2web clients.
+      Fixes bug 20074; bugfix on commits 51fc6799 in tor- and
+      acda1735 in tor- Patch by teor.
+  o Minor bugfixes (Tor2web):
+    - Prevent Tor2web clients running hidden services, these services are
+      not anonymous due to the one-hop client paths.
+      Fixes bug 19678. Patch by teor.
+  o Minor bugfixes (allocation):
+    - Change how we allocate memory for large chunks on buffers, to avoid
+      a (currently impossible) integer overflow, and to waste less space
+      when allocating unusually large chunks. Fixes bug 20081; bugfix on
+ Issue identified by Guido Vranken.
+    - Always include orconfig.h before including any other C headers.
+      Sometimes, it includes macros that affect the behavior of the
+      standard headers. Fixes bug 19767; bugfix on (the first
+      version to use AC_USE_SYSTEM_EXTENSIONS).
+    - Fix a syntax error in the IF_BUG_ONCE__() macro in non-
+      GCC-compatible compilers. Fixes bug 20141; bugfix on
+ Patch from Gisle Vanem.
+    - Stop trying to build with Clang 4.0's -Wthread-safety
+      warnings. They apparently require a set of annotations that we
+      aren't currently using, and they create false positives in our
+      pthreads wrappers. Fixes bug 20110; bugfix on
+  o Minor bugfixes (directory authority):
+    - Die with a useful error when the operator forgets to place the
+      authority_signing_key file into the keys directory. This avoids an
+      uninformative assert & traceback about having an invalid key.
+      Fixes bug 20065; bugfix on
+    - When allowing private addresses, mark Exits that only exit to
+      private locations as such. Fixes bug 20064; bugfix on
+  o Minor bugfixes (documentation):
+    - Document the default PathsNeededToBuildCircuits value that's
+      used by clients when the directory authorities don't set
+      min_paths_for_circs_pct.
+      Fixes bug 20117; bugfix on 02c320916e02 in tor-
+      Patch by teor, reported by Jesse V.
+    - Fix manual for the User option: it takes a username, not a UID.
+      Fixes bug 19122; bugfix on 0.0.2pre16 (the first version to have
+      a manpage!).
+  o Minor bugfixes (hidden services):
+    - Stop logging intro point details to the client log on
+      certain error conditions.
+      Fixed as part of bug 20012; bugfix on
+      Patch by teor.
+  o Minor bugfixes (IPv6, testing):
+    - Check for IPv6 correctly on Linux when running test networks.
+      Fixes bug 19905; bugfix on; patch by teor.
+  o Minor bugfixes (Linux seccomp2 sandbox):
+    - Add permission to run the sched_yield() and sigaltstack() system
+      calls, in order to support versions of Tor compiled with
+      asan or ubsan code that use these calls. Now "sandbox 1" and
+      "--enable-expensive-hardening" should be compatible.
+      Fixes bug 20063; bugfix on
+  o Minor bugfixes (logging):
+    - When logging a message from the BUG() macro, be explicit about what
+      we were asserting. Previously we were confusing what we were asserting
+      with what the bug was. Fixes bug 20093; bugfix on
+    - When we are unable to remove the bw_accounting file, do not warn
+      if the reason we couldn't remove it was that it didn't exist.
+      Fixes bug 19964; bugfix on Patch
+      from 'pastly'.
+  o Minor bugfixes (option parsing):
+    - Count unix sockets when counting client listeners (SOCKS, Trans,
+      NATD, and DNS). This has no user-visible behaviour changes: these
+      options are set once, and never read.
+      Required for correct behaviour in ticket 17178.
+      Fixes bug 19677; bugfix on  Patch by teor.
+  o Minor bugfixes (unit tests):
+    - Fix shared random unit test that was failing on big endian architecture
+      due to internal representation of a integer copied to a buffer. The test
+      is changed to take a full 32 bytes of data and use the output of a
+      python script that make the COMMIT and REVEAL calculation according to
+      the spec.  Fixes bug 19977; bugfix on tor-
+    - The tor_tls_server_info_callback unit test no longer crashes when
+      debug-level logging is turned on. Fixes bug 20041; bugfix on
 Changes in version - 2016-08-24
   Tor continues development of the 0.2.9 series with
   several new features and bugfixes. It also includes an important

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