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Yawning Angel <yawn...@schwanenlied.me> wrote:
> There shouldn't be anything stopping people from using a nested X
> solution with sandboxed-tor-browser, since it honors DISPLAY and
> writes out a new ~/.Xauthority in the sandbox tmpfs, as long as the
> secondary X server puts the AF_LOCAL socket in the traditional
> location under /tmp.

Yep, Xephyr "just works", assuming you make sure to add a
`MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1` credential for it to the Xauthority file.  For
convenience I added an option to the config file to override the
DISPLAY env var that sandboxed processes see.

It works ok, but isn't for me, because copy and paste between the
parent and nested X session is a huge pain.

I briefly considered adding an option to auto-start the nested X
server, but certain aspects of the Firefox UI break without an window


Yawning Angel

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