On Wed, 2016-10-12 at 13:57 +0000, Yawning Angel wrote:
> On Wed, 12 Oct 2016 13:37:24 +0200
> Rob van der Hoeven <robvanderhoe...@ziggo.nl> wrote:
> > 2) The average CPU-time it takes to perform a CREATE/CREATED
> > handshake.
> This "depends" entirely on your CPU and which handshake is used, though
> I don't particularly consider TAP handshake performance relevant
> because it is slow and superseded by ntor.
> `src/test/bench` will give concrete numbers (~140 usec on a modern
> Intel processor).

This is what I was looking for. Running the benchmark on two very
different systems was revealing: on my Pentium G620 the ntor server-side
time was ~300 uSec, an Allwinner A20 system completed the server-side
code in ~10600 uSec.


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