Hi folks,

I'm on a quest to find the average circuit-creation rate of clients. I
looked in path-spec.txt to find an answer, but it wasn't there. So I
thought: lets take some measurements using ARM. This got me some strange
results. I start ARM, do some browsing, and close my browser. During the
browsing ARM reports 3 circuits with ID's: 398, 399 and 400. These
circuits are still there 45 minutes after the browser was closed. If I
then restart ARM it reports that there are only two circuits, with
circuit ID's 405 and 406. It looks to me that ARM does not update the
circuits page when old circuits are closed and replaced by new circuits.
It's also possible that ARM keeps old circuits alive after they are not
being used anymore by my Tor proxy.

Note: I use ARM version:, Tor version: 


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