This is the release of Torsocks 2.2.0 stable version. One of the major change
between this version and the previous RC1 is that we added a check for Apple's
System Integrity Protection (a.k.a the next step for DRM protection in OS X
:P). This prevents torsocks to work for any binaries located in:

    /usr/* (with an exception of /usr/local/*),

A note maybe to the packagers, the tarball is now compressed with xz. Apart
from that, mostly bug and portability fixes. Here is the ChangeLog:

2016-10-18 torsocks 2.2.0
    * Use xz for dist tarball now
    * Remove TODO as we use the bugtracker for those
    * execve: only include xattr.h for Linux
    * syscall: sched_getaffinity is only Linux
    * close: Prefix debug messages with [close]
    * Add check for Apple's System Integrity Protection.
    * Quote the non-zero length check of $getcap.
    * compat: Fix bad use of defined macro for OS X
    * Use AC_USE_SYSTEM_EXTENSIONS to try to use POSIX extensions
    * log: Fix whitespace in log.h
    * syscall: OS X doesn't support sched_getaffinity()
    * Fix memcpy buffer overrun in gethostbyaddr()
    * Fix memcpy() buffer overrun in gethostbyname()
    * Fix typo: catched -> caught
    * syscall: Whitelist sched_getaffinity(2)


Please let us know if anything went wrong or any bugs!

Huge thanks to everyone who contributed by reporting issues, making patches
and testing!


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