On 5 Feb 2018, at 08:09, iry <i...@riseup.net> wrote:

>> Since this is a breaking change, we might want to check if any 
>> distribution has adopted another naming scheme, and avoid breaking
>> that naming schem
> I agree. I will wait for a little bit before implementing it so that
> we may get more input on the issue. :)

Expecting packagers to follow every thread and reply here is unrealistic.

Would you mind doing the search yourself, like Patrick asked?
It seems to have dropped off your TODO list.

Could you please look at existing .d folders of any other
projects tell me what you think? Perhaps discuss this with Tor Project.


From my quick search, it appears that the Debian feature request is still open,
and no other distro is using torrc.d yet. But you should check, too.


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