On 11 Feb (21:21:00), nusenu wrote:
> > Thanks nusenu! Nice idea, added it to DocTor...
> thanks for implementing the new check so fast.
> > https://gitweb.torproject.org/doctor.git/commit/?id=8945013
> > 
> > It gives a notice if flags issued by an authority are 50% different
> > from the conensus. Presently there's only one instance of that...
> This is also very useful but slightly different from what I had in mind,
> because it would not trigger if dirauths upgrade from A to B in the 
> same hour and most exits, guards or hsdirs are gone due to a bug in version B.
> > NOTICE: moria1 had 756 HSDir flags in its vote but
> > the consensus had 2583
> I tried to find something related to this in the 0.3.3.x changelogs
> because moria1 (the affected dirauth) is the only one running tor alpha
> but I didn't find anything related to a change in what is required
> to earn the HSDir flag. Has there been any change related to how
> HSDir is assigned that would explain that significant difference?

This is because moria1 is running an experimental patch that drastically cut
down the number of voted HSDir. It has been doing that for a while now. I
can't recall the ticket but this was an attempt a while back to see how much
it would be bad to vote down for the most stable relays on the network to be

Roger can probably explain it better but all in all nothing to worried about
there as it is expected.

Actually, from time to time, you should expect moria1 to behave strangely
sometimes since it is often running alpha code :).



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