Hello everone!

As an effort to better organize our 0.3.4.x release for which the merge window
opens in 3 days (Feb 15th, 2018), we need to identify the enhancement(s) that
we want so we can better prioritize the development during the merge window
timeframe (3 months).

Each feature should have its ticket marked for 0.3.4 milestone and with an
Owner set so we know who is "leading" that effort. It doesn't have to be the
person who code the whole thing but should be a good point of contact to start
with (and it can change over time as well).

It is possible that an enhancement can have more than one ticket so in this
case, please make a "parent" ticket that explains the whole thing and child
tickets assigned to it.

The network team just had its weekly meeting and if I recall correctly, these
enhancement should be planned for 0.3.4 (please the people who works on this,
can you tell us the tickets and make sure they are up to date?)

- Privcount (prop#280)
- large CREATE cells (prop#249)

If you plan to do a set of patches for a feature or enhancement, please do
submit it on this thread and make sure a proper ticket exists with an Owner.

Also, if you just want something in 0.3.4 as enhancement but might not work on
it, it is also OK to propose it (ticket and all) but please lets try as much
as possible to keep that thread focused on doable work with tickets and not
just a "dump all my tor wishes" :). For this, open a ticket :).

Big thanks everyone!


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